Iced Out


  So CJ had this sexy blue, all blue outfit this week and she called her self iced out. So I got this idea for a makeup look. Then when I was doing my lipstick I accidentally applied some of my eyeshadow onto my lips and i thought it wasn't bad so I decided to go with it. :)) So check it out and tell me what you think!!


Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas Dolls!!! Omg I so excited!!! I got everything on my list!!! How was your Christmas?? Enjoy :))


PDF - Public Displays of Fashion

Name: Timbra 
Age: 19
Occupation: Student/ Associate - Forever 21

So I have been working with this girl in SC and she has an amazing style that I would like to share with you guys!!

Where are you from?
Columbia, SC

Who are your favorite designers?
Micheal Kors
DW by Kanye

What is your worst fashion moment?
I have never had one. :))

Ultimate fashion don't?
I hate matchy matchy stuff.

Whats one thing you cant live without?
My chambray top beacuse it is so versatile.

Where can we find you?


Makeup Look: Midnight Velvet

(eyes: Avon Purple Haze quad on top, bare Minerals dark teal shadow on bottom, bare Minerals flawless definition mascara in black, Lips: Mary Kay pink heart lipstick over Body Shop pink guava lip balm)


Mary Lyons Jewelry

 So recently I did a shoot for Ebb & Flow Mag a zine which is the magazine at my school. I interviewed an showcased beautiful jewelry by Mary Lyons of Mary Lyons Jewelry. I was my first shoot and I had soo much fun. I also got to work with a great photographer, Breanna Dobbins of Breanna Dobbins Photography. So here is our work.....hope you guys enjoy!!! :))

Interview with Mary Lyons
Mary Lyons Jewelry 

How old are you?

Describe Mary Lyons Jewelry.
    Mary Lyons Jewelry has a strong nature influence. I love to use colors and textures of nature. You will also see a costume design and influence. I’m not really into designers because I like to focus more on the art of fashion but if I had to pick one it would be Valentino. I love the classic designs and that also inspires my jewelry. My prices have gone down a little to about $60-$100 a piece. In 2010, I won a Regional Gold Key in the Scholastic Art & Writing Completion. In 2011, in the same competition, I won a gold medal for an 8-piece portfolio.

  What made you want to make jewelry and when did you start making jewelry?
  I started making jewelry in a 10th grade jewelry making class. I needed a class to graduate and my mom used to make jewelry. I got the idea and inspiration from her. I loved making the jewelry because it made me focus on the important. I started to feel good because I had my thing that I was good at and made me stand out amongst the other girls in my school.

How long does it take you to make your jewelry?
  Well I get my materials from an online store in New Mexico, so I have to wait for those.  Overall though, the time varies from the time I come up with the concept to the completion on a product.

 Where can we buy this?
  I have a shop on Esty. You can also order custom.

 Photography: Breanna Dobbins Photography
Jewelry Provided by: Mary Lyons Jewelry
Model: Dominique Jeter(Me)
Makeup: Dominique Jeter
Styling: Dominique Jeter

Like a Chicken with Her Head Cut Off



So last night I went to this awesome styling competition for some of my fellow students at the Mint Museum of Art, which was awesome, called the Modern Chanel Woman(pics coming soon). Anyway, I didn't have a necklace with pearls, which I wanted to wear, so I decided to do something else to create a little bling. I had these sparkly and pearly hair pins that I pined to my dress and it was just to die for!!! Hope you enjoy! :))


Hello Charlotte

Ok so this was supposed to be my first blog post when I moved to Charlotte...so I'm debuting it now!!! Hope you enjoy....and I have more to come!!!


Welcome Back

Wow!! First just want to say I am truly sorry for neglecting my blog and followers. I have some new posts that will be posting soon.


Back Home

So this weekend I'm back home in Columbia to visit my family and I'm finally getting a chance to get my photos from my mom. Lol she was holding the hostage becasue she missed me some much. :) But really she's slow at downloading the pictures from her camera. So originally this was supposed to be my first blog post but here it is now.
Hope you enjoy!! And leave your comments please. :)