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Playing in the Rain

So I wore these really cute jeans, from one of my old co-workers, that has a picture of a cute little storm on them. Well it just so happened to rain today and we didn't even know. So my girlfriend and I decided to play in the rain(which we love)!!!


Shoegasm Fall 2K11

All photos via Refinery 29 Fall Shoe Trends

Visual Merchandising 101

Being a visual assistant at Forever 21 allows me to work closely with the visual merchandisers and stylist to help put together the sections and mannequins. I want to just showcase some of my work I did today. Hope you enjoy!!

PB & J

  •  Jeans: H&M
  • Shoes: Journey's


A Night On The Town

  • Dress: Arden B
  • Vest: Bitten
 Just another night on the town!!



Fierce Finds : Free People

Totem Rope Waist Belt $9.95

Kahana Pendant $9.95

Leopard Bodycon Skirt $19.95

Large Vintage Floral Scrunch Skirt $19.95

All photos and info via Free People

Model Mayhem

Audition Etiquette: Tips to Help You Book the Job!

When going to an audition, you are expected to look and act like a model. Here are some tips to help you book the job!

• Arrive on time: You must always be early or on time for an audition. Make sure you have directions to the location and add in extra time to account for traffic, parking, and checking-in.
• Come prepared: Know what the audition is for and what is required of you for the job. Make sure that you have all clothing and materials needed for the day. It is always wise to bring your portfolio/headshot/promotional materials with you. If you do not have professional images, you can bring a simple snapshot. You may not need it, but it is always best to be prepared.
• Dress the part: You should always arrive to the audition looking clean and refreshed: pressed clothes, groomed hair, light and simple makeup. If there are no specific instructions on how to dress, wear something neutral and appropriate (no busy patterns, large logos, or revealing clothing).
• Don’t bring your “entourage”: Do not bring anyone with you to the audition or the job, unless you are instructed otherwise. If you are under the age of 18, you may need to bring a parent or guardian with you, however you should not bring additional family or guests. Clients have a lot to do to make sure the event runs smoothly and they do not want extra people hanging around or getting in the way.
• Be polite and respectful. Do not act in a loud or obnoxious manner. Act professional and use polite manners. Speak in complete sentences and avoid using slang. Remember that you are representing yourself.
• Have confidence in yourself! Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. Be polite, but be yourself; do not try to act like someone you are not.
• Don’t get discouraged. Rejection is a huge part of a career in modeling and acting. You must handle rejection well and remember that there is nothing wrong with YOU. The clients may have liked your look, but might be looking for something else for this particular job.
• If you are booked for the job, the client will expect the same professional behavior on the job. Use these above tips while on set and the client may request to book you for additional work.
• It is usually a good idea to follow up with the client or the person who booked you for the job. It is always beneficial to maintain a positive relationship with industry professionals because it can potentially lead to new work or opportunities.

 Post via Barbizon

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PDF - Public Displays of Fashion

Stefan Wise
Age: 20
Occupation: Student/Associate - Forever 21

This Jersey boy has no problem showing off his cleavage or rocking his signature Dr. Martin's, which lands him as PDF's #1 contender.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me is everywhere. When you go to work or school, you see fashion. When you go to the grocery store or check the mailbox, you see fashion. Fashion simply put is a way of life.

Who are your favorite designers?

How do you influence fashion today?
Being myself. I can inspire people to wear whatever they feel or want because that's my attitude. By showing people you can wear what you want and still look good in inspiring.

How long as fashion had it's hold on you?
I jumped into fashions arms around elementary/middle school when I was able to ditch the uniforms and pick my own clothes.

All comments made are of people's own opinions and are not to bash or trash anyone.

Style Stalker: Vintage Vixen

Elle Marie
Age: 23
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser - Forever 21

For my first Style Stalker, I wanted to get this vintage vixen myself. Elle, my friend and co-worker, really packs a punch with beauty, brains, and an "I don't care" New York attitude. She gives her interview with words that are nothing but the truth.

Where are you from?
Brooklyn, New York

What was your first fashion breakthrough?
I would have to say elementary school. I would go into my mom's closet when she left for work before I went to school. I would raid her closet and try on her heels.
What is your worst fashion moment?
When I wore this long bohemian skirt to work and my manager stepped on it and ripped it. I didn't even realize it until I felt a cool breeze on my rear lol! I had to go home and change and everything.

If you could bring back any style what would it be?
I really love harem pants but considering that they are already making a come back, I would have to say 90's retro fashion.

What is your favorite magazine?
I love Elle! I think it's better than Vogue.

Where are your  favorite places to shop?
Thrift stores galore and 5th Ave in Soho, New York.

If your make-up bag could fit one thing, what would it be?
My eyebrow pencil and sharpener kit. I can have on no make-up but my eyebrows are a must!!
What is your ultimate fashion don't?
Wedge sneakers like Mary J. Blige at the BET Awards(she know she was wrong) and big girls wearing clothes that don't fit them.
Where can we find you?

All comments made are of people's own opinions and are not to bash or trash anyone.


Fierce Finds: Forever 21

This week's Fierce Finds are these amazing Ray-Ban inspired sunglasses, $1.50; Forever 21

Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice: Johnson's Baby Oil

My secret to beautiful, glowing skin all summer long is Johnson's Baby Oil, $3.99; drugstores. All you have to do is after you shower, rub this all over your body before you dry off. My skin stays soft and moisturized all day long, and most of the time I don't have to put on lotion.