Style Stalker: Vintage Vixen

Elle Marie
Age: 23
Occupation: Visual Merchandiser - Forever 21

For my first Style Stalker, I wanted to get this vintage vixen myself. Elle, my friend and co-worker, really packs a punch with beauty, brains, and an "I don't care" New York attitude. She gives her interview with words that are nothing but the truth.

Where are you from?
Brooklyn, New York

What was your first fashion breakthrough?
I would have to say elementary school. I would go into my mom's closet when she left for work before I went to school. I would raid her closet and try on her heels.
What is your worst fashion moment?
When I wore this long bohemian skirt to work and my manager stepped on it and ripped it. I didn't even realize it until I felt a cool breeze on my rear lol! I had to go home and change and everything.

If you could bring back any style what would it be?
I really love harem pants but considering that they are already making a come back, I would have to say 90's retro fashion.

What is your favorite magazine?
I love Elle! I think it's better than Vogue.

Where are your  favorite places to shop?
Thrift stores galore and 5th Ave in Soho, New York.

If your make-up bag could fit one thing, what would it be?
My eyebrow pencil and sharpener kit. I can have on no make-up but my eyebrows are a must!!
What is your ultimate fashion don't?
Wedge sneakers like Mary J. Blige at the BET Awards(she know she was wrong) and big girls wearing clothes that don't fit them.
Where can we find you?

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