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Perfect All Day Wear Lipstick

Ok so as of right now, I can't remember the last time I actually shopped for make-up or lipstick. As a matter of fact I didn't really like lipstick until a few years back. I was definitely a lip gloss girl. :) So...a lot of my lipsticks came from this generic kit, I got for Christmas, like 4 years ago, so the wear for them is sometimes a little short. To prolong my lip color and create a cute matte lip, I use Vasaline(my favorite), or lip balm, before I swipe my lip color. 

 The look is a little glossy at first but after your lips absorb the moisture it will leave a beautiful matte finish. Able to use with just about any lipstick and moisturizes at the same time! And the color lasts just about all day!(sometimes I have to re apply)

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