Hair Diary: Review

Ok, first off just a random tip...I'm super upset because the camera I was using is not working anymore...so I'm not able to take any pics of my outfits or my hair for a while(unless I can use my mom's). So with that being said I'm not able to show you how horrible my hair really is! I recently tried a new conditioner, just to see the ones I like, from Motions called Moisture Plus.

I'm usually a fan of motions products but I must say that this one is not for me. At first it was really nice. It came out creamy so I thought it would work fine. After a while in the shower and after the shower it just made my hair really brittle. Not to mention my hair is breaking off in the back and on the sides. Now I'm not completely blaming them because once again I have found I still have an issue with wearing a scarf at night. I admit I need a lot more work...but I'm getting there. So now I'm completely given up on this conditioner and I'm wanting to try Pantene's Breakage to Strength line. In the mean time I am looking to get my hair braided in the next few weeks. I know I was supposed to upload pics of the one I did but I never finished lol. Oh yea, and just another random tip...I am getting ready to move to Charlotte, NC. I have begun counting down the days and I am excited and ready to go!!!   

See you later loves,

Domino J

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