OK, so I know I haven't been blogging really like I'm supposed to but I have been really busy promoting my blog, getting ready to move and go to school, and trying to jump off my modeling career. So, first things first, I will be set to move to Charlotte, NC later this week. I'm packing up my clothes and getting ready to ship out. But of course I will be back and forth because I just recently got signed by FFS Model and Talent Agency!!! I know...I'm super excited. And to top it all off my blog is really jumping off as a media sponsor for Columbia's first ever Style Week. I have lived in Columbia my whole life and have waited for this moment for a very long time! I can't wait. I'm so excited all of my business ventures are really taking off. Even though we only have 3 followers, I love how well we have progressed(still depressed about my camera). Hopefully the next time you hear from me, I will officially be in Charlotte!!

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