Iced Out


  So CJ had this sexy blue, all blue outfit this week and she called her self iced out. So I got this idea for a makeup look. Then when I was doing my lipstick I accidentally applied some of my eyeshadow onto my lips and i thought it wasn't bad so I decided to go with it. :)) So check it out and tell me what you think!!


Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas Dolls!!! Omg I so excited!!! I got everything on my list!!! How was your Christmas?? Enjoy :))


PDF - Public Displays of Fashion

Name: Timbra 
Age: 19
Occupation: Student/ Associate - Forever 21

So I have been working with this girl in SC and she has an amazing style that I would like to share with you guys!!

Where are you from?
Columbia, SC

Who are your favorite designers?
Micheal Kors
DW by Kanye

What is your worst fashion moment?
I have never had one. :))

Ultimate fashion don't?
I hate matchy matchy stuff.

Whats one thing you cant live without?
My chambray top beacuse it is so versatile.

Where can we find you?


Makeup Look: Midnight Velvet

(eyes: Avon Purple Haze quad on top, bare Minerals dark teal shadow on bottom, bare Minerals flawless definition mascara in black, Lips: Mary Kay pink heart lipstick over Body Shop pink guava lip balm)


Mary Lyons Jewelry

 So recently I did a shoot for Ebb & Flow Mag a zine which is the magazine at my school. I interviewed an showcased beautiful jewelry by Mary Lyons of Mary Lyons Jewelry. I was my first shoot and I had soo much fun. I also got to work with a great photographer, Breanna Dobbins of Breanna Dobbins Photography. So here is our work.....hope you guys enjoy!!! :))

Interview with Mary Lyons
Mary Lyons Jewelry 

How old are you?

Describe Mary Lyons Jewelry.
    Mary Lyons Jewelry has a strong nature influence. I love to use colors and textures of nature. You will also see a costume design and influence. I’m not really into designers because I like to focus more on the art of fashion but if I had to pick one it would be Valentino. I love the classic designs and that also inspires my jewelry. My prices have gone down a little to about $60-$100 a piece. In 2010, I won a Regional Gold Key in the Scholastic Art & Writing Completion. In 2011, in the same competition, I won a gold medal for an 8-piece portfolio.

  What made you want to make jewelry and when did you start making jewelry?
  I started making jewelry in a 10th grade jewelry making class. I needed a class to graduate and my mom used to make jewelry. I got the idea and inspiration from her. I loved making the jewelry because it made me focus on the important. I started to feel good because I had my thing that I was good at and made me stand out amongst the other girls in my school.

How long does it take you to make your jewelry?
  Well I get my materials from an online store in New Mexico, so I have to wait for those.  Overall though, the time varies from the time I come up with the concept to the completion on a product.

 Where can we buy this?
  I have a shop on Esty. You can also order custom.

 Photography: Breanna Dobbins Photography
Jewelry Provided by: Mary Lyons Jewelry
Model: Dominique Jeter(Me)
Makeup: Dominique Jeter
Styling: Dominique Jeter

Like a Chicken with Her Head Cut Off



So last night I went to this awesome styling competition for some of my fellow students at the Mint Museum of Art, which was awesome, called the Modern Chanel Woman(pics coming soon). Anyway, I didn't have a necklace with pearls, which I wanted to wear, so I decided to do something else to create a little bling. I had these sparkly and pearly hair pins that I pined to my dress and it was just to die for!!! Hope you enjoy! :))


Hello Charlotte

Ok so this was supposed to be my first blog post when I moved to Charlotte...so I'm debuting it now!!! Hope you enjoy....and I have more to come!!!


Welcome Back

Wow!! First just want to say I am truly sorry for neglecting my blog and followers. I have some new posts that will be posting soon.