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20SB Blog Swap: Childhood Summer Vacations

Hello guys. So this past week I was invited to participate in the 20 Something Bloggers blog swap. This years topic was childhood summer vacation. I swapped blogs with Euni from Teeny Tiny Tidbits of Thoughts. You guys can check out my post over there. Hope you guys enjoy!!

My family and I were never much for traveling far or to totally foreign places. As a child, I never got to really enjoy the beach, let alone the road, for summer vacations. However, there was one occasion, a very random, and in retrospect, kind of dangerous occasion, when I traveled to Mexico, without my parents, to visit my grandparents.

Dangerous, how could visiting one’s grandparents be dangerous? Oh, yes, let me explain: I was a mere three years old (I know, not many people remember their early years), and my parents thought it was a brilliant idea for me to travel via plane with my visually impaired aunt, who at the time did not understand English very well. I remember being terrified of getting on the plane at first, and I adamantly insisted that the plane we were to board be small, not huge; otherwise, “things would not fly” (I’ll admit, I wasn’t witty enough back then to use puns, but OK). Anyway, we boarded the plane---honestly, I’m not quite sure if we got to board first because of my aunt’s condition or how we even made it to the correct terminal, but we did. I do remember my hardcover Golden Books version of 101 Dalmatians (my then-favorite Disney movie), and my aunt’s mini-telescope that kept me entertained during the flight.

We safely landed in Leon, where several of my uncles and my grandmother, clad in their leather jackets (leather happens to be really big in Leon, where my extended family lives), were ready to welcome us. The rest of the trip is really quite a blur: I remember waking up in the mornings, having cereal for breakfast, and then going out to the street to play with the other native children. I would play dolls with the neighbor’s daughter and pillow fight with my youngest uncle (the pillows, by the way were actually filled with old clothes, and consequently some of those pillows were actually very painful…especially the ones filled with old jeans).

The one big event that I do remember was when we (the grandparents, aunts and uncles, and me of course) drove out of town to a ranch. This ranch had goats and horses mainly, and a few donkeys as well. Basically, we decided to have picnic on the ranch, though the main reason for going to this ranch was for my grandfather to purchase a couple of goats. There are a few pictures stowed away in the house somewhere, in some old dusty album I’m sure, but an old picture did resurface in a stack of random photos. In this picture, I’m posing with my grandfather and youngest uncle, amid a backdrop of goats and sparse trees.

I sometimes wonder if this trip was exactly as I remember it, or if my mother back home was worried at all that I was so far away, but then I realize that it’s better not to think about these questions and complicate a summer trip that kept three-year-old-me entertained and content.

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Style Stalker: Slim Shay D

So when I first saw this LA/NY hybrid she was wearing a shoe bearing my name.....the Dominique shoe by Jeffery Campbell from Nasty Gal. What can I say? It was love at first sight. Her style is so unique, I had to showcased it. I hope you guys enjoy!!!


1. Where are you from originally?
I am from LA.

  2. Where did you get your sense of style?
Who knows. I've always been very image aware. I started dressing myself and doing my own hair very early on. Magazines like VOGUE and the group En Vogue were my go-to's as a child. My mother let me wear basically whatever I wanted. Goth, tomboy, blue hair, my mom didn't care. Liberal parents I guess?

3. How would you describe your style?
Gumbo. I mix so many styles, but they come together perfectly. I can do girly, grungy, punk... I'm a lil bit of them all.

4. Where are your favorite places to shop?
Online. When I'm focused on a certain item, I can Polyvore or Google it to satisfy my need. Nasty Gal, Dolls Kill, Asos... In real life, I like Top Shop (NY) and in LA, shops on Fairfax and Melrose.

5. What are some of your staples right now?
Spiked bangles and cross jewelry, high waisted A-line skirts, neon pink anything, and purple or orange-y red lipstick.


6. What made you start a blog?
Peer pressure lol

7. Who are your favorite designers?
Ugh. This is hard. I LOVE Chloe, Balmain, Gucci, Alexander Wang, McQueen, LAMB... But can I afford to stock my closet with them? No. I try to limit my splurges to handbags and shoes. I collect Dior Saddle bags. Real budget wise, UNIF satisfies my craving for dark clothing right now.

8. What do you do for a living and how did you get started?
I'm a stylist. I do a lot of assisting, and some of my own things, such as WWMD (wwmdonline.com). It took me a while to accept that fashion is my path. I was doing everything but fashion, (I originally wanted to be a writer or lawyer) because I wanted to prove that I actually have a brain. But it seemed like everything kept going wrong and pointing me to fashion. So, with no experience, I somehow got the best fashion PR internship ever, impressed the hell out of my boss, and quickly gained very good fashion contacts. Within 3 months, I was interning, then assisting, for big stylists in the Conde Nast family. Hopefully, I will have a career like theirs one day soon.

9. Any advice?
Plenty. But mostly, pay attention to your gut. You don't want to wake up at 35 in a job you hate because you were ignoring it. And be humble. You might start out getting coffee and be interviewing for your bosses job a few months later.

10. Where can we find you?
 My baby, ALLTHINGSSLIM www.allthingsslim.blogspot.com,
allthingsslim.tumblr.com, Twitter: @slimmshayd, Instagram: slimmshayd


My First Hair Review!!

Hello beautiful!!!! So last night I did I my niece's hair in this cute bob style(review and photos coming soon) and I also had the chance to review the hair I installed maybe a week and a half ago.

It was a shoulder length bob with black in the back and blonde on the top.

Hope you guys enjoy!!


Queen of Sheba

So a while back my mom let me raid a few things from her closet. I scored this awesome African inspired maxi dress. I decided to tie a knot in the front to stay on trend as a high low dress. Enjoy!!

I added a scarf as a turban. I switched from the way I wore it initially because I didn't quite like the first way.   

 My family and I also took one of many "mini" road trips to view the country side. We stop in a town called Camden and sat down for some ice cream cones. 

CJ got camera time too. She's wearing a jean shirt from Goodwill that I cut the sleeves off and we made it a vest.

I also had this great idea to wrap this necklace around my ankle. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to set this outfit off.


Just Kick It

"Kick off your shoes and relax your feet. Party on down to this Xscape beat, just kick it. Just kick it, just kick it. "
I know you 90's babies should know this song by the female R&B group, Xscape. Well for today's post, that is the theme song and motto. It was such a chill day, all I wanted to do was kick it and relax.
Hope you guys enjoy!!! :-)


Celebration Festivities

Hello everyone!!!
 So this past weekend was my nephew's first birthday party. We had so much fun and things got a little crazy(knowing my family I knew it would). My niece, the baby, and a few others ended up with cake on their face. Ha! It was so hilarious. I wish I would've gotten a picture for you guys but I did manage to get a picture of the cake before it became the color of choice.

Cute right!!
So on to what I really came here for...my outfit!!!

At first I thought about wearing a floral skirt but after I tried this one, I loved the Navajo print and it's a great way to reuse one of my winter pieces!! Everything I have on(except my earrings)are from Forever 21. I got these earrings from a little cart in the mall. Here's a up close look at my face and makeup for the day(Tutorial Coming Soon).
We also stopped by this amazing car show so I had to stop by and take some pics!!! Enjoy!!

I finally have an Instagram!!! You can follow me @iammefashion. See you all there!!


Styling Carolina Talent

So I'm not sure if you guys remember back in February when I had the most amazing opportunity to help style models for a modeling agency based in Charlotte, Carolina Talent. I got the chance to work with different stylists with lots of clothes. Talk about a dream. It was a wonderful experience and I had so much fun. Well, here are the pictures finally!! Enjoy

Beautiful belts
Shoes galore!!!
Makeup Time!!
So much make...so little time.
Here are some of the outfits I put together.