My First Hair Review!!

Hello beautiful!!!! So last night I did I my niece's hair in this cute bob style(review and photos coming soon) and I also had the chance to review the hair I installed maybe a week and a half ago.

It was a shoulder length bob with black in the back and blonde on the top.

Hope you guys enjoy!!


Queen of Sheba

So a while back my mom let me raid a few things from her closet. I scored this awesome African inspired maxi dress. I decided to tie a knot in the front to stay on trend as a high low dress. Enjoy!!

I added a scarf as a turban. I switched from the way I wore it initially because I didn't quite like the first way.   

 My family and I also took one of many "mini" road trips to view the country side. We stop in a town called Camden and sat down for some ice cream cones. 

CJ got camera time too. She's wearing a jean shirt from Goodwill that I cut the sleeves off and we made it a vest.

I also had this great idea to wrap this necklace around my ankle. It turned out to be exactly what I needed to set this outfit off.


Just Kick It

"Kick off your shoes and relax your feet. Party on down to this Xscape beat, just kick it. Just kick it, just kick it. "
I know you 90's babies should know this song by the female R&B group, Xscape. Well for today's post, that is the theme song and motto. It was such a chill day, all I wanted to do was kick it and relax.
Hope you guys enjoy!!! :-)


Celebration Festivities

Hello everyone!!!
 So this past weekend was my nephew's first birthday party. We had so much fun and things got a little crazy(knowing my family I knew it would). My niece, the baby, and a few others ended up with cake on their face. Ha! It was so hilarious. I wish I would've gotten a picture for you guys but I did manage to get a picture of the cake before it became the color of choice.

Cute right!!
So on to what I really came here for...my outfit!!!

At first I thought about wearing a floral skirt but after I tried this one, I loved the Navajo print and it's a great way to reuse one of my winter pieces!! Everything I have on(except my earrings)are from Forever 21. I got these earrings from a little cart in the mall. Here's a up close look at my face and makeup for the day(Tutorial Coming Soon).
We also stopped by this amazing car show so I had to stop by and take some pics!!! Enjoy!!

I finally have an Instagram!!! You can follow me @iammefashion. See you all there!!


Styling Carolina Talent

So I'm not sure if you guys remember back in February when I had the most amazing opportunity to help style models for a modeling agency based in Charlotte, Carolina Talent. I got the chance to work with different stylists with lots of clothes. Talk about a dream. It was a wonderful experience and I had so much fun. Well, here are the pictures finally!! Enjoy

Beautiful belts
Shoes galore!!!
Makeup Time!!
So much make...so little time.
Here are some of the outfits I put together.