Style Stalker: Slim Shay D

So when I first saw this LA/NY hybrid she was wearing a shoe bearing my name.....the Dominique shoe by Jeffery Campbell from Nasty Gal. What can I say? It was love at first sight. Her style is so unique, I had to showcased it. I hope you guys enjoy!!!


1. Where are you from originally?
I am from LA.

  2. Where did you get your sense of style?
Who knows. I've always been very image aware. I started dressing myself and doing my own hair very early on. Magazines like VOGUE and the group En Vogue were my go-to's as a child. My mother let me wear basically whatever I wanted. Goth, tomboy, blue hair, my mom didn't care. Liberal parents I guess?

3. How would you describe your style?
Gumbo. I mix so many styles, but they come together perfectly. I can do girly, grungy, punk... I'm a lil bit of them all.

4. Where are your favorite places to shop?
Online. When I'm focused on a certain item, I can Polyvore or Google it to satisfy my need. Nasty Gal, Dolls Kill, Asos... In real life, I like Top Shop (NY) and in LA, shops on Fairfax and Melrose.

5. What are some of your staples right now?
Spiked bangles and cross jewelry, high waisted A-line skirts, neon pink anything, and purple or orange-y red lipstick.


6. What made you start a blog?
Peer pressure lol

7. Who are your favorite designers?
Ugh. This is hard. I LOVE Chloe, Balmain, Gucci, Alexander Wang, McQueen, LAMB... But can I afford to stock my closet with them? No. I try to limit my splurges to handbags and shoes. I collect Dior Saddle bags. Real budget wise, UNIF satisfies my craving for dark clothing right now.

8. What do you do for a living and how did you get started?
I'm a stylist. I do a lot of assisting, and some of my own things, such as WWMD (wwmdonline.com). It took me a while to accept that fashion is my path. I was doing everything but fashion, (I originally wanted to be a writer or lawyer) because I wanted to prove that I actually have a brain. But it seemed like everything kept going wrong and pointing me to fashion. So, with no experience, I somehow got the best fashion PR internship ever, impressed the hell out of my boss, and quickly gained very good fashion contacts. Within 3 months, I was interning, then assisting, for big stylists in the Conde Nast family. Hopefully, I will have a career like theirs one day soon.

9. Any advice?
Plenty. But mostly, pay attention to your gut. You don't want to wake up at 35 in a job you hate because you were ignoring it. And be humble. You might start out getting coffee and be interviewing for your bosses job a few months later.

10. Where can we find you?
 My baby, ALLTHINGSSLIM www.allthingsslim.blogspot.com,
allthingsslim.tumblr.com, Twitter: @slimmshayd, Instagram: slimmshayd
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