Luv's Showcase Presents Trendsetters Hair & Fashion Show

Here is another show that I got to participate in. The Trendsetters of Hair and Fashion Show Presented by Luv's Showcase was held on Nov 24, 2012(super late, I know). I had such an amazing time. I got to work with natural hair stylist, Deonne of Naturally Stylish. She did a protective style using a wig-cap giving me a cute blonde and black curly bob. Here are some photos, hope you enjoy!!! :))

That's me!!

So, a funny story to add to the madness. All before the show, I was a nervous wreck. I had never felt like this before and I've never been to be the type. However, right before I went on stage, (emphasizes on RIGHT) my nerves got the best of me and sent me running to the bathroom. Luckily, I had managed to pull it together in enough time to get on stage and do my "thang".



Hair Diary: Poetic Justice: Protective Style: Box Braids

 So as you know I'm trying to play catch up with my posts. I've missed a lot of detail here and there, not being able to get to my laptop. But I am back in business and prepared to fill in the gaps. So here are some pictures from when I did a protective style, aka my poetic justice box braids. I spent a total of 3 days on these!! (Just stoping and starting again) I hope you enjoy!! :))


Beautiful Sunset

Here's a makeup look I've done. Comment if you want a tutorial.


New Job!! (Kinda)

Ok so it's not totally new, but it's new to you. So back in September 2012, I started working for an awesome store called Love Culture. They provide afford quality clothing for teens and young adults. Check out their website, www.loveculture.com/. You will absolutely love it. :)


Hips and Rips Fashion Show Presented by Luv's Showcase

        Ok, so I know I am SUPER late of these photos(and that may be an understatement) but better late than never. Back in August 2012, I had the opportunity to work with my good friend, also one of our Style Stalker features, Amani Williams, with her clothing line, Hips & Rips. I had so much fun and it turned out to be amazing!! I hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I did. And stay tuned for the video at the end. :)

So if you're wondering what is going on with my eye, let me explain. CJ and I were playing around like little kids, as always, and her finger went into my eye! Ouch, I know, I lived that moment lol. But it turned out to be not as bad as I thought.

And as promised, here's the video coverage. Enjoy loves :)



"How could you?" is the only thing I hear from my blog these days. How could I just leave her stranded and alone. Well honey, I'm back and with great news. I have a website!!!! Introducing the new I AM ME!! I am so excited. Big things are happening for I AM ME and I hope I can share them with you all. More to come!!!