Luv's Showcase Presents Trendsetters Hair & Fashion Show

Here is another show that I got to participate in. The Trendsetters of Hair and Fashion Show Presented by Luv's Showcase was held on Nov 24, 2012(super late, I know). I had such an amazing time. I got to work with natural hair stylist, Deonne of Naturally Stylish. She did a protective style using a wig-cap giving me a cute blonde and black curly bob. Here are some photos, hope you enjoy!!! :))

That's me!!

So, a funny story to add to the madness. All before the show, I was a nervous wreck. I had never felt like this before and I've never been to be the type. However, right before I went on stage, (emphasizes on RIGHT) my nerves got the best of me and sent me running to the bathroom. Luckily, I had managed to pull it together in enough time to get on stage and do my "thang".


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