Where Do We Go From Here? A Throwback Thursday Special

Is Valentine's Day really right around the corner? It seems we just got finished celebrating New Year's! Time suers does move fast and I am not trying to waste another minute. I have a lot of great things planned this year for I AM ME, some of which will be revealed in due time. First off, the reinvention of I AM ME Fashion blog and expanding my brand and company. The first step is here with my baby, my blog. I need to keep you guys up to date with everything that's going on, which I have been failing at miserably. And usually when I get back from any hiatus, I try to boggle your minds with what has been  going on when really its too much going on to get a grasp of where to start. So I'm starting fresh. Whatever you missed, I'll have to go over at the time it's presented. I'm just ready to move forward and leave what's behind exactly where it's at. So with that being said, here is a special and first throwback Thursday to some things you have missed. 

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If anyone want info on the outfits or any other questions, please leave me a comment. I love to hear what you guys think. Until next time, let the fun begin!!

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